Web Design

The purpose of your website is to make your visitors customers. Our process ensures that your website is ready on time, within the agreed budget, and ready for action.

Websites Designed For You

Forget website templates: we’re not like other web designers in that we don’t regurgitate the same old design for each job. Custom designed from the ground up, our websites are created around the content that goes into the end result. That means a better user experience for your customer and ultimately a better result for your business.

Keeping It Simple

Simplicity is a hallmark of successful website design. When we build a website we stay true to it’s key purpose; what it’s there to do for your business. Hart Design specialise in finding the right mix between design and details, building creative, yet functional websites that become a major factor in driving business success. Our websites are built with this flexibility in mind; you can keep adding content and features to meet your future needs.

Affordable Quality

When we say affordable we don’t claim to be the cheapest web designers on the market. If you’ve tried a “cheapie” then you may have realised that you get what you pay for, and an initial cost saving has ultimately been costly in the long run. So rather than cut corners to cut costs, we offer a fair market price for our websites which are technically built well and always with an eye for good design. This believe this approach to web design is win-win for us and our clients.

Which devices are most popular?





Do you care whether your website is easy to read on a phone or iPad? You’d be foolish not to! Studies have shown that over 80% of mobile visitors will leave your website straight away if it is not mobile friendly. We can help you find out how many of your visitors are mobile, and improve that number. Responsive Web Design is essential to successful website design. That’s why this feature comes as standard with all Hart Design websites.

Own Your Website

WordPress, Joomla, Opencart are open source website design platforms that Hart Design specialise in. You own your website and are free to host it anywhere you please. This is not so with many web designers in New Zealand who develop their own proprietary website systems which lock you in: try take it elsewhere and you’ll find out that you don’t actually own the website! And innovation is limited by those web design companies. For open source software, developers across the globe provide advanced functionality to satisfy just about anything you can imagine.

SEO Friendly

There is no silver bullet for achieving great search engine rankings. It is more like building a 1000 piece puzzle; the more pieces of the SEO puzzle you have in place, the better your rankings are going to be. Hart Design understands what drives SEO at its most fundamental level, and we build these fundamentals into every website we do. Making your website easier to find via search puts your website on the front foot. In fact, it could transform your business! Read more about our SEO services.

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