What does 'Strategic Partner' mean?

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A Strategic Partnership is a model built on a foundation of honesty and transparency, with no opportunity for any party to cut another out of the equation. This means all parties can enter the business relationship with complete confidence in service delivery and financial security. 

To better understand our Strategic Partner offering, please review the question-and-answer statements below...

Is this a referral programme?

That's up to you - we're offering two tiers of rewards: Managed and Referral.


You'll earn a very attractive reward if you are able to Account Manage our website design service with your client.


You'll receive a smaller but no less worthwhile reward for clients you refer to us, while our team does all Account Management duties.

Is Hart Design a Contractor?

No. We've called this a Strategic Partnership because Hart Design DOES NOT want to be a contractor, hiding behind the scenes. There are a major inherent flaws by operating as a contractor:

  • Your end client might decide that they can save a buck by cutting you our of the equation. By being open and transparent from the start, this protects all parties from scullduggery
  • Our team have the answers to all the tough questions. Save your sales team from learning a new field
  • Take advantage of our existing materials and documents that help sell our services

Can I add a percentage on top of Hart Design's fee?

No. As a Partner, your financial reward is taken out of the end cost to the client, which would have been the same cost to them if they had gone straight to Hart Design in the first place.

We're able to offer a reward to you at no extra cost to your client due to your chosen level of involvement in the project: see Managed and Referral above. Given your existing relationship with your client, you are well positioned to be hands-on throughout the job and help us ensure client satisfaction.

Is this a whitepaper solution for my business?



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