Customised online ordering solution for a highly variable product range

Always with an eye to the future, the company’s managing director has engaged Hart Design to produce an online ordering system for their vast product range. But there’s a catch…

Custom Online Ordering Website

Supplying specialised products to a niche industry across the country has served this client of ours very well over 30 years in business. Now they’d like to start taking orders online.

Picture this: you have hundreds of products, most of which are either simple products with no options, or conventional variables such as a Product with a Size option to choose from.

But then there’s the 20% of your product range that isn’t so straight-forward.

Imagine you have a product type that is broken down first by style, let’s say there are six styles. Then there is a size option. And for some – but not all – sizes there are varying colours available. And for all of these options – but again, not all variations – there is a range of finishes to factor in. And to top it all off, some of these options are suitable for use in conjunction with a particular brand of product, but not compatible with another brand.


The good news is that this customer has an extensive print catalogue which defines all of these variations rather well. The not-so-good news is that – being a printed document developed some years back – it is not 100% current.

So working closely with our client, our task is to translate all of these product variations into an easy-to-use online ordering system. The website is designed with the end user in mind so that it follows their natural decision making as they configure the product options they desire.

Additionally, the logic necessary for working all of this out online has to work in with the real-live people who operate the business and fulfill the orders. Luckily for all concerned, our client has the willingness and flexibility to tweak their long-standing catalogue structure to benefit the end result.

It’s a challenge for the business owner and web developer alike but well worth the effort, given the end result: a simple, instant ordering solution where our client’s customers will place orders online as and when required. And being a responsive design, the company’s sales reps can sell on the spot to their customers using an iPad.

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