Integrating MYOB Exo with WordPress

Are you one of the thousands of Australasian companies harnessing the power of MYOB Exo (formally known as Exonet) to manage your day-to-day business and accounting processes? If so, then this web development project will be one for you to follow as it unfolds…

We’re working with an Auckland-based company, a well-known brand in their industry who is a strong performer in the local market, and who is also selling their products to an eager, global market.

Self-described as large-ish cottage industry, our client produces high-end products for the sport and recreation sector. Some flagship elements in their range are hand-made in their factory, and in the busy season work assembling components is also farmed out to homes around the city in order to meet demand.

They are one of New Zealand’s success stories trading on an international stage. With raw materials as well as finished products sourced from as far abroad as Africa and Japan, the company is going from strength to strength both here and overseas.

Committed to driving the business forward, this client has teamed up with Hart Design to produce an online ordering website, where their customer base and product range is integrated from MYOB Exo into WordPress.

The goal is to automate customer orders from an easy to use online portal and plugged straight into Exo, where order fulfillment continues as normal. Fax orders from Geraldine or hand-written notes from sales reps will soon be a thing of the past!

We’ve selected WordPress for this Exo website integration, as one of the world’s leading web platforms. WordPress is open source (you can can take it anywhere, unlike this customer’s current proprietary website CMS) and is renowned for its ease of use for website owners/administrators. And as in this case, WordPress can be highly customised to develop a solution specific to your needs.

MYOB Exo and Woocommerce?

One option would be to integrate MYOB Exo with Woocommerce – a popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress. However, we’ve avoided the temptation and instead we are developing our own ecommerce solution to work seamlessly with both WordPress and MYOB Exo.

The logic behind this is that Woocommerce is a system designed to easily add shopping cart functionality to WordPress, but in order to achieve this goal, it is necessarily rigid in its structure. This makes it harder to customise Woocommerce to achieve the specific outcomes required when integrating with a third party software like Exo.

And importantly, at this time, there is no commercially available plugin that automatically syncs MYOB Exo with Woocommerce.

So rather than try to jam a round peg in a square hole, we’re developing our own ecommerce solution for WordPress where we have full control over how it talks to Exo. And this means a better end result.

Progress Report

Currently we are round-tabling the research and development phase with the client and their MYOB Exo support team, Acclaim Group. Matt Rutledge and the team at Acclaim are helping our client to tweak their Exo configuration to get the absolute best out of the software. The better the input from Exo, the better the output on the website which in turn will feed back into Exo.

Work has also commenced on the front end design and our developers have laid the foundations for the custom WordPress development.

This website will be developed to meet the needs of their New Zealand and Australian customers. Their long-term view is to expand this system into international markets.

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