Shipping Natural, New Zealand-made products around the world

Creating an ecommerce solution can be a daunting prospect – there’s more to it than you may think – so it pays to team with an experienced and knowledgeable web development team.

Selling your products online is an exciting prospect for many New Zealand businesses.

For many, the process is simplified when selling only to a New Zealand audience; it’s easy to configure flat shipping rates for the country’s various geographic regions. Easy for your customers to understand what their shipping costs will be, too.

But when you’re shipping products internationally, that’s a whole different ball game. As with this current project, our client has weighed and measured each product they sell, and using New Zealand Post’s rates we’ve developed a calculation that estimates the shipping cost for an order’s weight and size according to its final destination.

This provides a neat solution to a tricky ecommerce problem for our client. And a vitally important solution it is too! While there is a market locally for their unique combination of natural raw materials and scientific expertise, the sales potential in Europe and China for these products means that a large portion of their stock will be exported directly from their Auckland laboratory to destinations abroad.

Things to consider when starting an eshop:

  • Shipping costs: determine what’s viable for you and acceptable for your customers
  • Payments: credit card processing can be set up through a number of third party providers. If you want funds transferred directly into your bank account, your Bank will want to become involved and review your website to ensure it meets certain conditions. Be prepared – this can take a few weeks
  • SSL/TSL Certificate: securing your shop is important for consumer confidence and also search engine optimisation
  • Inventory management: do you need the web store to manage inventory?
  • Terms & Conditions: you will need to develop clear terms and conditions of sale, including a Privacy policy, Returns policy and more.

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