Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Specialists have produced works throughout the land, and as far abroad as South Africa. They call upon more than 45 years experience to make the right piece for you in wrought iron, bronze or any other metal, all from their East Tamaki based shop.

Hand Worked Wrought Iron and Bronze products are timeless.  Each piece is truly unique, and the cold metal has a warmth and life installed in it from the labour of our workers’ hands. The only difference between the Wrought Iron Specialists’ workshop and that of a workshop 200 years ago is the tools used.  Wrought iron and other metals are shaped and joined by hand using heat, human muscle and a great eye.

Wrought Iron - website design and development

Wrought Iron - website design and development

We offer professional design and attention to details.

Hart Design also provide a wealth of skills and experience in marketing strategy, graphic design and printing, delivering a unique service to businesses looking to grow.

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