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Look no further! You’ve just discovered the web developers you’ve been searching for. Discover how Hart Design provides the right mix of quality web development and design to make your online presence a huge success.

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Our Company

Based in Auckland, Hart Design is a web development company which has perfected the art of delivering high-quality website design and made it affordable for SME’s and corporates alike. We work with companies across New Zealand as well as internationally.

Our Approach

We don’t just design websites and then walk away. We like to keep an ongoing relationship with our clients to work on developing the strategies that help your website generate sales. Our team becomes an extension of your business, helping you achieve those results.

Our Strategy

A strong, engaging and beautiful website is one thing, but not the only thing. The key to generating more sales for your business comes down to effective inbound marketing strategy. We have a track record of increasing traffic to your website through our proven inbound systems.


Open source website design

WordPress, Joomla, Opencart are open source website design platforms that Hart Design specialises in. You own your website and are free to host it anywhere you, please. This is not so with many web designers in New Zealand who develop their own proprietary website systems which lock you in: try to take it elsewhere, and you’ll find out that you don’t actually own the website! For open source software, developers across the globe provide advanced functionality to satisfy just about anything you can imagine.

Our sites are built SEO friendly. There is no silver bullet for achieving great search engine rankings. It is more like building a 1000 piece puzzle; the more pieces of the SEO puzzle you have in place, the better your rankings are going to be. Hart Design understands what drives SEO at its most fundamental level, and we build these fundamentals into every website we do. Making your website easier to find via search puts your website on the front foot. In fact, it could transform your business!

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